In the beginning of the project, the assessment of the situation on drug education in the project countries will be conducted. The existing data on national and European level provides how many young people use drugs, what kind of drugs do they use, as well some information on prevention programmes at schools, but there is no information on European level on the effectiveness of drug education (including harm reduction and prevention) programmes both, at schools and in the youth organizations. That’s why it is necessary to start the project with the assessment on the situation in the countries – what information on drug education is accessible if it exists at all and to what kind of extent.

The questionnaire and methodology for the regional assessment will be prepared by the researcher. Partners in 5 countries will conduct interviews and focus groups with youth workers, social workers, educators, specialists working in the harm reduction field, as well with young people. Online survey to collect feedback on drug education will be shared with young people in partner countries. After all these activities, drug education assessment report will be prepared with conclusions and recommendations.

The report will be used to design and create the manual, but also for the advocacy activities related to the promotion of prevention and harm reduction services in the youth work.